At Agritech Rural, we stock all types of drenches and can develop an animal health program tailered to your needs.
We encourage our producers to rotate the type of drench that is being used.  If you do not rotate your drenches, you risk the problem of drench resistance occuring on your property.



Broad-Spectrum Drenches

Broad spectrum drenches kill all types of susceptible round worms of sheep. However if resistance is already present, not all worms will be killed.  Types of Broad-spectrum drenches include:

(BZ or White drenches)
        Levamisole/Mirantel (LEV or clear drenches)
        Macrocyclic Lactone (ML drenches)



Narrow-Spectrum Drenches

These are drenches that kill only one or a small number of worm types affecting sheep.




1) Resistance Testing - If you have not done a resistance test in the last 2 years, your choice of drench will be based on guesswork.  You should conduct regular 'Drench Checks' to monitor worm egg counts 7-14 days after drenching.

2) The "No Drench" Option - Every time a drench is used, there is selection for resistance to that drench.  Avoid drenching unnecessarily.  Shifting sheep to a low worm risk paddock can be just as effective as applying drench. 

3) Narrow Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum - Ideally a narrow spectrum rather than Broad spectrum should be used where the situation suffices

4) Short Acting vs Long Acting Drench - Generally speaking Long Acting drench offers the higher risk for drench resistance.  However, long acting drench does have advantages in certain situations, eg favourable conditions for barbers pole worm.

5) Drench At The Right Time - Do regular monitoring of egg counts and follow the worm control guidelines for your local area.  Use the correct dose rates.
    - All mobs should be given a summer drench which should occur in November / December. 
    - All lambs should be drenched at weaning.

6) Place The Tip Of The Drench Gun Over The Animals Tongue - This ensures that most of the drench will go into the first stomach, thus extends drench availability and effectiveness.