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At Agritech Rural. we have all of your domestic pets and animal nutrition needs.
We provide a vast range of nutrition needs for dogs, cats, chickens, sheep, cows, goats, horses + more!  

 prdigree working dog

Pedigree Working Dog 20kg

Pedigree has an unrivalled understanding of what a working dog needs to get through the day in top condition and Pedigree Working Dog Complete Nutririon has the right blend of protein-rich real meat and optimal carbohydrate and fat levels to help your dog stay healthy and full of energy.

Our Price: $44.00

pedigree mince

Pedigree Mince & Veg 20kg

We're for dogs. Leash jangling, tail-wagging, throw-me-the-ball dogs. Dogs who never get tired of digging for bones, swimming for sticks and doing that crazy little happy dance to great you. This active lifestyle takes a lot of energy and Pedigrees Adult Complete Nutrition recipe is specially formulated to provide adult dogs with the complete and balanced nourishment they need to live a long and healthy life.

Our Price: $42.00

ped can

Pedigree Skinds 700g x 12 

Developed in conjunction with Waltham, the world's leading authority on petcare and nutrition, we use locally sourced ingredients, fresh Australian meat and an accredited clow cooking process that ensures your dog is getting the highest quality of food every time. In other words, it's really good food for your dog.

Our Price: $22.75

bonnie working

Bonnie Working Dog 20kg

High energy formula specifically suited for highly active adult dogs, large breed working dogs and greyhounds. Made from real kangaroo meat, high in protein and low in fat. Complete and balanced meal with added vitamin E to protect hard working muscles.

Our Price: $41.00

bonnie complete

Bonnie Complete 20kg

A completely balanced meal for adult dogs, specifically suited to adult dogs with an average activity level.  Made from real chicken meat and other high quality ingredients.

Our Price: $39.00

bonnie puppy

Bonnie Puppy 20kg

Complete & balanced meal for weaning puppies from 12 weeks to 12 months.  Also suitable for pregnant and lactating dogs.  Made from real kangaroo and chicken meat.  

Our Price: $44.00

dogpro original

Dog Pro Original 20kg

Dogpro Original is a nutritionally complete dry dog food formulated to promote the health and well being of domestic dogs.  Dogpro uses the best natural ingredients which are combined in a way to provide efficient digestion and absorption.  Contains protein, ameno acids and minerals to maintain a good and active lifestyle.

Our Price: $26.40

dogpro working

Dogpro Working Dog 20kg

Dogpro Working Dog is a high protein, nutritionally developed dry dog food made with real meat to oromote the health and well being of active domestic and working dogs.  Contains all the body building proteins plus natiral vegetable oil which helps maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat.  Also contains vitamins, amino acids and minerals for a active lifestyle.

Our Price: $27.50

whiskas ocean

Whiskas Ocean Fish 12kg

Whiskas is the perfect choice for giving your cat the best in taste and nutrition every day.  The dental protection pieces work like a toothbrush to scrub teeth, massage gums and help prevent the build up of plaque and tartar.

Our Price: $54.95

whiskas 24

Whiskas 400gm x 24 Cans

Whiskas original has the highest levels of protein and suitable for domestic cats with an anctive lifestyle

Our Price: $33.75


Friskies Original 10kg

Contains all the nutrition a cat needs to help maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat.  Contains essential nutrients, vitamins with Omega Oils and essential  and fatty acids.

Our Price: $38.50


CatPro Chicken & Beef 10kg

Catpro Plus Adult Complete is a nutritionally complete and balanced dry cat food made with real meat to maintain the health and well being of domestic adult cats. This product contains only the best local ingredients which are sourced in Australia for their freshness and combined in a way to provide efficient digestion and absorption required for adult cats.

Our Price: $24.20

golden yolk

Barastoc Golden Yolk Chicken Layer Pellets 20kg

Golden Yolk Layer Pellets are a complete feed for laying hens in a home domestic flock.  

Our Price: $17.60

darling downs

 Barastoc Darling Downs Chicken Layer Pellets 20kg

A complete feed to support egg production and the health of laying hens.  Formulated to provide a balanced level of vitamins and minerals, including calcium.

Our Price: $20.35

            calm performer   

Barastoc Calm Performer Horse Feed 20kg

Cool feed for horses and ponies at maintenance or in light to moderate work. Pelleted formula, every mouthful is balanced nutrition and stops the sifting of important ingredients.  Low level starch for cooler energy.

Our Price: $16.50


Barastoc Completo Horse Feed 20kg

Complete, highly palatable museli for all horses.  Contains cooked grains for a blend of starches, vegetable oils for coat condition and chaff as a source of fibre.

Our Price: $24.00


Barastoc Goat Mix 20kg

A museli style grain ration for supplimentary feeding of growing, breeding and milking goats

Our Price: 24.75


Monds Calf Starter 20kg 

Monds Feed Calf Starter is a highly palatable and digestable starter mulili for growing calves, suited from birth to 6 weeks of age.  Contains a great blend of processed cereal grains that provide a source of carbohydrates in balance with high quality vegetable protein meals. 

Our Price: $15.55