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At Agritech Rural, we have all your chemical needs covered.  Our large supplier base, along with our experienced agronomists, allows us to provide our growers with unrivalled customer service and support.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


Bayer Cropscience (Sakura, Tristar, Wildcat, Hoegrass 500, Hussar, Jockey, Premis, etc.)

With the acquisition of Aventis CropScience, the Bayer Cropscience subgroup is one of the world's leading innovative enterprises in the areas of crop protection, seeds, biotechnology and non-agricultural pest control. Bayer Cropscience's cutting edge technological platform, sound experience and proven track record in the field of managing innovation will be instrumental in achieving the development of new products and enhancing growth within the company.


Cropcare (Achieve, Hammer, Affinity, Stomp, Talstar, etc.)

Crop Care is a leading Australian crop protection company. They manufacture and market more than 100 herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and other agricultural chemicals. Their products are used in a wide range of markets including broadacre agriculture, cotton, sugar cane and horticulture. They provide solutions to many of today's farming problems, and improve your enterprise's productivity and profitability.


Dow Agrosciences (Verdict, Lontrel, Broadstrike, Garlon, Grazon, Conserve on Farm, etc.)

Dow AgroSciences is a global leader in providing pest management and biotechnology products that improve the quality of the earth's food supply and contribute to the health and quality of life of the world's growing population. Dow AgroSciences' products are designed to meet the wide range of Australian agricultural needs for controlling weeds, insects and disease.


Nufarm (Roundup Power Max, Avadextra, Triflur X, MCPA, etc.)

Nufarm is Australia 's leading manufacturer and supplier of crop protection products. As an Australian owned and Australian based company, they work in close partnership with local growers to provide innovative and effective ways to protect crops from damage caused by weeds, pests and disease. They have been industry leaders in the development of new and improved product formulations, container management initiatives and the establishment of regional service centres.


Syngenta (Topik, Cadence, Logran B-Power, SpraySeed, Affirm, Gesatop)

Syngenta is a world-leading agribusiness committed to sustainable agriculture through innovative research and technology. The company is a leader in crop protection and the international seeds market. Their goal is to be the leading global provider of innovative solutions and brands to growers and the food and feed chain. There are two main business divisions in the Australian business: Crop Protection and Seeds.



The Sipcam Group is a global leader in the manufacture of generic farm chemistry. It is one of the world’s largest makers of Atrazine, Simazine, Prometryn and chlorothalonil and is a basic manufacturer of several other key molecules sold into rural Australia including Trifluralin.



Kenso Agcare produces and distributes a wide range of quality crop protection products for use in Australian Broadacre, Cotton and Horticultural farm production. In line with their motto "Better Crop Production for a Growing Population" Kenso Agcare has the vision of being recognized as a world class supplier of crop protection products for Australian growers.



SST Australia is a significant supplier of adjuvants and spray additives to the agricultural and turf industries throughout Australia and New Zealand. Adjuvants are added to pesticide sprays to assist in the safe and efficient application and performance of those products when used to control weeds, insects and fungal pests. Specialty turf products are applied to sports playing surfaces and managed turf areas to improve turf health and vigor by assisting infiltration of water and nutrients.



With strong recognition from names such as Envy, Natrasoap & Spraytech Oil, Agrobest Australia P/L offers products that are technologically advanced, scientifically proven and environmentally sustainable.



DuPont Agricultural Products serves Australian agricultural producers with a range of crop protection products for the grain and specialty crop sectors as well as forestry and vegetation management. In Australia, DuPont markets over 40 herbicides, insecticides and fungicides that are registered for use in numerous crops, including cereals, oilseeds, cotton, cane, pastures and fruit and vegetables.